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Aubrey's Wedding Preparation from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

Matthew+Aubrey LOVE Story from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

Marj + Mark Surprise Dance from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

We want to share this video because its funny for a wedding surprise dance... even the groom Mark do not have any clue what's going on ...thanks to our featured stars, our wedding couple Marj and Mark...enjoy

A Day In San Francisco from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

A Mothers Message to Her Son On His Wedding Day from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

This is a video message from Sis. Gigi (the mom) to her son and daughter-in-law on their wedding day. She would like to share the memories that highlights their family from the past

You see, a mother looks forward to this day ,but its a moment she fears with all her heart. It's the day she says goodbye to his little boy who's now a man as they grow a little further apart.

Bong Pro Audio & Video is constantly creating modern cinematic videos using the advance technology of High Definition filming.

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Bridgette+Jason Montage from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.


At Bong Pro Audio & Video we specialize in video coverage for stylish, unique weddings that will make your dream come true.


We offer the full range of wedding cinematography  with a personal touch from  helping you find the perfect media presentation for your reception, ensuring that wedding featured video run smoothly and liaising with your photographers and other vendors.


Depending on your wishes and in accordance with your budget, we can provide several levels of video service.



NEW Styles for Wedding Cinematography!


Wedding Cinematography: New Hot Wedding Videography Trends


Indie Documentaries

While the technological side of wedding videography has come a long way over the last few years, the advances in style have been just as impressive. A growing number of filmmakers have applied their skills to wedding videography, with the finished product reflecting the quality of an independent film. The idea isn't just to tell the story of your wedding day, but to portray the characters -- the conversations, reactions, and moods -- in hopes of giving the viewer a sense of the wedding beyond the typical footage. When creating a film with this style, videographers spend more time in the editing room (which, in turn, means the process is likely more costly), but the payoff is in the product: A wedding video even your friends will want to watch again.


The 3-D Photo Montage Show

This concept has become widely available in wedding photography packages. Still images, which are generally taken before the wedding day, are digitally manipulated to appear three-dimensional—special effects and music can be added as well. The finished product is a movie that can be played throughout your reception and will become a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Because this technique requires a significant amount of editing time, couples tend to use pictures taken throughout their lives, not shots from the actual ceremony. 


Wedding Trailers

This intentionally dramatic spin on the typical highlight reel serves as a preview of your wedding video. Picture a roaring epic movie score, special editing effects, and maybe a voiceover. It has a more intense style than a highlight reel, and it's designed to make you want to see more. Think of it as a teaser to show family and friends while waiting for your full-length video. Every videographer's style is different, but the idea is to share a glimpse of some emotional moments without giving them away. After the wedding, if the bride and groom want to show off their trailer, they can create a link online to send to friends and family or put on their thank-you cards, (The trailer is usually done a few weeks after the wedding),"


Trash the Dress

The wedding is over and now you have a gown you'll likely never wear again hanging in your closet. Giving it to a local charity that supports low-income brides is a wonderful gesture, but if you've been dying to let off some of the steam that built up in the planning stages, consider a "Trash the Dress" video. Brides jump in a puddle of mud, let kids put their sticky little hands all over it, or rip it to shreds with their friends—this video is all about having fun. While it's not a necessary piece of wedding memorabilia, it could be one of your favorite keepsakes.

Eric + Rowena Wedding Highlights in HD from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

We are trying our newest gadget in this wedding, a new toy in the craft of cinematography. This video was intentionally converted as a 4:3 Ratio rather than a 16:9 upon request from couple. We will do another version @ 1440 x 1080 a little bit later. Enjoy watching!

myra + Glen Wedding Highlights from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

Warren + Mitell Same Day Edit from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.