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Photo Gallery

Want to see what Bong Pro Audio & Video has done in the past? Our gallery is complete with photos from past events.

Featured Videos

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Aubrey's Wedding Preparation from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

Matthew+Aubrey LOVE Story from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

Marj + Mark Surprise Dance from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

We want to share this video because its funny for a wedding surprise dance... even the groom Mark do not have any clue what's going on ...thanks to our featured stars, our wedding couple Marj and Mark...enjoy

A Day In San Francisco from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

A Mothers Message to Her Son On His Wedding Day from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

This is a video message from Sis. Gigi (the mom) to her son and daughter-in-law on their wedding day. She would like to share the memories that highlights their family from the past

You see, a mother looks forward to this day ,but its a moment she fears with all her heart. It's the day she says goodbye to his little boy who's now a man as they grow a little further apart.

Bong Pro Audio & Video is constantly creating modern cinematic videos using the advance technology of High Definition filming.

Wedding Events Videographer Association

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Tips for Getting a Great Video Shoots




  • Solid colors or simple patterns look best. Busy patterns on clothing are distracting.
  • Medium to dark shades create a timeless look.
  • Darker colors are slenderizing.
  • Small jewelry/accessories compliment your face better. Avoid large, distracting accessories.
  • Make sure your shoes match your outfit. They might show in some poses.
  • Long sleeves are better for adults to focus attention on the face.
  • Short sleeves are ok for infants and children.
  • Your glasses are a part of you, so feel free to wear them. Our videographers are trained to minimize any glare


  • Make sure nails are trimmed and clean.
  • Simple hairstyles and natural makeup are best.
  • Don’t get your hair cut within 48 hours of your portrait sitting. Ideally, haircuts should happen 2 weeks prior.
  • Limit your exposure to the sun for a few days before portrait day.
  • Have any hair and makeup supplies available for quick touch-ups.

Posing for the Camera

  • See what others have done. View our portrait gallery to get inspired.
  • Bring family members and friends to pose with you (Bongprovideo considers pets part of your family!). There’s no added cost for you or your organization.  
  • Plan your outfit in advance. View our general appearance tips above to find out what works and what doesn’t.
  • Be creative and bring props. Bibles, instruments, sports gear, and family heirlooms are just some of the possibilities. What’s important to you?
  • Remember to keep good posture.
  • Check your hair, shirt collar, and accessories at your photography session. Our videographers will also check these details.
  • Relax and smile at the camera like it’s your best friend.
  • Be yourself and have fun.

Things to Bring


  1. Eye Shades for summer shots.
  2. Keep yourself hydrated lots of bottled water.
  3. Extra clothes for different locations.
  4. Snacks for long venue.
  5. GPS or maps for multiple locations.
  6. Additional Make-ups for touch ups and specially moisturizers
  7. Maybe the wedding rings for wedding videos  
  8. Anything just to make you comfortable.