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Aubrey's Wedding Preparation from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

Matthew+Aubrey LOVE Story from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

Marj + Mark Surprise Dance from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

We want to share this video because its funny for a wedding surprise dance... even the groom Mark do not have any clue what's going on ...thanks to our featured stars, our wedding couple Marj and Mark...enjoy

A Day In San Francisco from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

A Mothers Message to Her Son On His Wedding Day from Bong Cabanlit on Vimeo.

This is a video message from Sis. Gigi (the mom) to her son and daughter-in-law on their wedding day. She would like to share the memories that highlights their family from the past

You see, a mother looks forward to this day ,but its a moment she fears with all her heart. It's the day she says goodbye to his little boy who's now a man as they grow a little further apart.

Bong Pro Audio & Video is constantly creating modern cinematic videos using the advance technology of High Definition filming.

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One Chip vs. Three Chip


One measure of the video quality of different cameras is whether the camera is 1-chip or 3-chip.


The 1-chip camera uses a single computer chip to process the colors the camera sees. The more expensive 3-chip camera has three separate computer chips. Each chip processes a separate primary colors - red, green or blue. Because of this, the video quality is much better with a 3-chip camera.


The cameras often are labeled as 1 CCD for a 1-chip camera or 3 CCD for a 3-chip camera (CCD stands for "Charge Coupled Device").


One rule of thumb on buying a digital camera:


If you're going to be using the video for a Web site, you can probably get by with a 1-chip camera. The video served up on the Internet right now is still pretty low quality, mainly because it must be compressed so it transmits more quickly. So whatever quality you might gain initially from using a 3-chip rather than a 1-chip camera will be mostly lost when you later have to compress the video for use on the Web.


But if you're planning to also use the video for broadcast (such as in partnership with a television station), then you'll want a 3-chip camera because it produces video that is "broadcast quality". Video taken with a 1-chip camera will look much more like amateur video when broadcast by a TV station.


Once you've picked a camera, you're ready to get started.